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Welcome to RNiie!

Saturday, August 04, 2018 11:01 AM | Christy Hendricks (Administrator)

Today is the start of something new. Something bold in this era of innovative nursing.

That is, a nursing profession that goes well beyond the white hallways of hospitals and clinics, beyond academia, even beyond the board room. This is a nursing profession that steps out and takes chances.

The Registered Nurse Innovators, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs Network (aka, “The RNiie Network”), is embarking on a journey to support and promote the very nurses who lead the pack in their visions of what a nurse can be and do.

Who are these nurse innovators and what are they doing?

The leaders of innovative nursing are inventing medical devices and developing apps. They’re blogging on a multitude of topics, giving them influence where before, they had none. They speak at conferences concerned with issues far outside the confines of clinical specialties, healthcare management, and nursing leadership. Innovative nurses are starting businesses in everything from social media management to publishing; community health services to robotics.

Oh, these nurses have been around for a while. They’ve been building businesses and asserting their influence for decades.  But they do so now, in greater numbers and with a boldness and vitality that proclaims, “This is what nursing can do!”

New challenges arise

Most nurses go to school to learn how to practice nursing, not how to do business. Business-minded nurses had to obtain joint business degrees to round-out their education. Until recently, university programs in nursing innovation or entrepreneurship were non-existent. Luckily, such programs are growing in number but still exist on the fringes of the typical nursing curriculum.

It’s a start. Certainly, we can look forward to a great deal more master’s level innovation and entrepreneurship programs being offered in nursing schools. But what of the nurses already in the space, running a business and in need of support?

The innovative, entrepreneurial nurse needs to learn how to: 

  • build and maintain a website
  • manage social media
  • connect with the right people
  • communicate their message
  • get funding
  • market a product or service
  • network effectively
  • collaborate with purpose

In addition, that nurse must get seen and heard by the parties they’re trying to reach, whether it’s a prospective customer, investor, or business partner.

Giving innovative nurses the tools, education, and networking opportunities to get down to business is what RNiie is all about.

The RNiie Network is the place where nurses in business will find support.

We’re not about fluff. The RNiie Network wants to give you real life, practical support for your endeavors. Otherwise, what’s the point? You don’t need another pep talk or thumbs up. What you need are the tools, opportunities, visibility, resources, education, and the right connections to drive the success of your venture.

This is our mandate, our privilege, our honor. The RNiie Network was conceived of by a registered nurse entrepreneur, for the benefit of registered nurse innovators, influencers, and entrepreneurs. No more messing around. Let’s get down to business!

Registered Nurse Innovators, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs

212 W Ironwood Dr. Ste. D #271
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814



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