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3 Ways to Keep Your Audience Engaged Throughout Your Video Presentation

Monday, August 13, 2018 7:30 AM | Christy Hendricks (Administrator)

It’s hard enough putting together a video presentation, whether live or recorded. The technical aspects, the content planning, rounding up images and references- all the stuff that goes into producing your video. But wait! You mean it has to be engaging, too? Oh, heck, that’s right! I need my audience to actually pay attention to what I’m presenting! 

Giving anyone or anything our undivided attention is difficult these days. How do you get people to “be present” during the presentation you just spent hours, if not days, preparing? Especially if it’s recorded and you can’t be there to rip their phones right out of their hands!

These are just a few of my best tips for keeping your audience engaged throughout your video presentation.

Hint at a Call-to-Action at the Beginning of Your Presentation

Don’t tell them exactly what it is until the very end, though.

This isn’t about offering them a paid program or giving them something when they sign up for your list. Your call-to-action is a clear and specific action they can take which will produce a concrete result.

Make your call-to-action related to the most important point of your presentation. If it’s vague, it can’t be implemented and will only leave your viewers disappointed.

You could start your presentation by saying, “Hey, just before we wrap up, I’m going to give you a very specific instruction on (fill in the blank).”

Intersperse Talking-Head Video with Your Slides

Talking head video is just you, looking at the camera… uh, I mean, audience. It breaks up content, garners more attention, helps your audience relate to you better, and works better than slides when driving home a point or trying to persuade. 

Think of it like a job interview. Wouldn’t you rather they experience your shining personality than read words on paper? Same thing. Anyone can put slides on a presentation, but only you can be you!

Bring in an Unannounced Guest

You’re the main draw, to be sure. After all, they’re here to listen and learn from you. But everyone loves a surprise and that’s enough to keep them from another game of solitaire.

Just be sure your surprise guest is someone your audience already knows and loves. They should be excited to see that “so-and-so” is in the house, bringing even more value to the discussion. It’s important that your guest be someone with actual expertise in the topic of your presentation, though. Otherwise they’re just a gratuitous walk-on.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get to work on your video presentation! Just remember to add ways to keep your audience engaged. Got more ideas? Leave your best stuff in the comments.

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