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How Content Curation Benefits You and Your Audience

Monday, October 01, 2018 7:30 AM | Christy Hendricks (Administrator)

One major goal of online marketers is to educate and inform their audiences.

That’s usually done via email and social media marketing, as well as through original content posted to their websites. The challenge is in producing enough content to remain authoritative and top of mind.

As an online marketer, you want to show your audience that you keep current on trends within your industry and can be trusted to share reliable information related to your product or service.

When some brands are posting blog articles on a daily basis, and social media posts multiple, if not dozens of times a day, it can become quite overwhelming trying to keep up with the content machines, especially for solo-preneurs, or those with very small teams.

Content curation, simply put, is the process of gathering from third party sources, those articles, videos, images, and even podcasts (content) that would be of interest to your audience. As a supplement to your original content, it’s wise to curate content from other sources as a means of stretching your limited resources while continuing to serve your audience with information they know they can trust.

The benefits of content curation are three-fold:

It saves you time.

Writing a single blog post can take hours. From researching your topic to finding the right images, don’t be surprised if a full day is spent in producing one piece. And that’s in addition to all the other tasks of business management you do like email, website maintenance, product development, social media, scheduling, and meetings!

 It saves you money.

A single, well-written blog article can run anywhere between $250 and up. With the cost of hiring a writer for all or most of your articles being prohibitive for many marketers, the need to find and share free or low-cost content becomes imperative. Content curation from reliable sources, carefully chosen to supplement your own, could save you thousands of dollars each month in writing fees.

It adds value to your audience.

Let’s face it: you can’t be everywhere and know everything. Trying to do so will only drive you to do crazy things, like agreeing to go back to noc shifts. 

In the absence of certain knowledge or expertise on your part, content from trusted sources can fill in the gaps and provide information your audience will appreciate. Don’t be afraid of sending your followers to where they can find the answers they need. In the end, they’ll see you as the authority, whether you provide the content yourself, or are able to point them in the direction of someone else who can. Either way, you and your audience win.

In my next post, I’ll share the different tools I use in curating content for my websites and social media channels.

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