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10+ Ways to Get Your Facebook Brand Page Seen by More People

Monday, November 05, 2018 7:30 AM | Christy Hendricks (Administrator)


Everyone wants their Facebook brand page to been seen by potential followers, but what can you do to increase your odds?

1. Use keywords in your Facebook brand page description

Keywords rule the world (or at least search), so don’t forget to include them in your Facebook brand page description. You should include the same keywords you use on your website.

2.     Choose the most appropriate categories for your brand

Categories, in addition to keywords and other descriptors, help Facebook understand the genre your brand page belongs to so it can help by suggesting your page to people looking for brands like yours. For example, if someone searches for, or “likes” pages that cater to health and wellness for women over 40, Facebook could suggest your page as one they might also like.

3.     Add a location if you’re a local brand

This is vital for local brands and may determine potential customers’ ability to find you. If you have a storefront or serve customers or clients in a particular city, don’t miss this important step in helping them find you. Who knows?-they could be right around the corner!

4.     Link to your verified website

Security and verified identity are becoming vitally important in these days of fake news and bogus accounts. Verify that you are who you say you are. Make sure Facebook knows that you really own the website your brand page links to.

5.     Embed the Facebook brand page widget on your website 

This WordPress widget that can create a small box in the sidebar of your website, showing a live view of your brand page and the number of page likes you have. Your website visitors can click on the widget and be taken straight to your Facebook brand page, where hopefully, they’ll like you there, too!

6.     Put share buttons on your website pages & posts

When your website visitors share a blog post or other content from your site to Facebook, their friends and followers will not only be led to your website, but if they like what they see, they’ll also be more inclined to like your brand page, as well.

7.     Invite friends to “like” your Facebook brand page

Let’s face it: Mom loves you and so do your friends! Invite them to “like” your new Facebook brand page and to share your posts, at least until you’re up and running on your own. They’re bound to have friends who would be interested in what your brand offers. Come on- how could they say “no” to you?

8.     Share your brand posts to your personal profile, too

It’s worth a shot: the friends who didn’t respond to your invitation to “like” your brand page might at least show you some love by sharing a post or two. After all, sharing is caring.

9.     Post videos produced by your brand

Do you have a YouTube channel for your brand? Whenever you upload a new video, you should also be sharing it on your Facebook brand page. Better, yet- upload your video straight to Facebook, since Facebook will give greater exposure to video that is native on its platform.

Facebook loves video because people love video. People also share video more than simple posts. This is also a good strategy to use for widening your reach. People who subscribe to your channel on YouTube will be more likely to follow you on Facebook, too.

10. Create events on Facebook and other event sites 

Create an event for anything you can come up with. No, really. Will you be doing a Facebook live? Create an event. Are you holding a workshop? Create an event. Webinar on the horizon? Create an event. When you create an event on Facebook, make sure you do it from your brand page and not your personal profile. You want your brand page to be the host and the event to be public. You can even pay to have your Facebook event boosted. Imagine that.

In addition to creating a Facebook event for your brand page, consider other event sites like Eventbrite. Not only can you share your Eventbrite event to Facebook, you might also attract followers who never discovered you on Facebook but who saw your event when browsing the Eventbrite platform.

11. Hold Facebook Live events

Facebook loves itself and knows that people will stay on their platform longer if they’re engaged in a live video (or any video, for that matter). A couple of times in the first few minutes of your Facebook live, ask those who have joined in to invite others to your Facebook live. They may be discovering your brand page for the first time. Lucky you!

12. Create a group around your Facebook brand page

Groups are a wonderful way to gather fans together for a more personal relationship with your brand. In addition, groups are discoverable on their own. That means, someone with absolutely no familiarity with your brand may join your group for what it offers. You might be surprised to find that brand page “likes” originated from your group! 

13. Consider paid promotion

Brand pages can certainly grow organically, but sometimes you just need a little push to get going. I wouldn’t invest a lot of money to get page “likes,” but it at least gives you an audience where once there was just Mom. Not to dismiss Mom, but you know what I mean.

14. Get other brands to “like” your page as their page

You’re minding your own business and then one day you look at your notifications and see that another Facebook brand page “liked” your page. Could this be love? So what do you naturally do? You visit their page, by golly! And since they “liked” your page, you should at least return the favor, right? 

Here’s your strategy: look for other brand pages that would share a similar audience or fall within the same genre as your own. “Like” those pages as your Facebook brand page. That’s the caveat. Go to their page, and before getting so excited that you just click “like,” click the three dots below the cover image and select “like as your page.” The pages you own will populate and all you have to do is select the one you want to do the “liking.”  There’s a good chance that the owners of those brand pages will visit yours and return the favor. If they do, your brand page will show up on theirs as “Pages liked by this page,” giving your brand page additional exposure. Viola!

Well, there you go! 10+ (count them: 14 in all) ways to get your Facebook brand page seen by more people. Let me know if you’ve found one of these ways to be particularly fruitful for your brand.

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