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Basic Online Marketing Strategies

Monday, April 22, 2019 8:00 AM | Christy Hendricks (Administrator)

While there is a wide variety of online marketing methods from which to choose, there are a few basic online marketing strategies that no business can afford to overlook. These methods allow you to reach your target market and connect with them on a more personal, and even emotional level than with traditional t.v. and print. In this article, you’ll learn the most basic online marketing strategies to employ.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is perhaps the cheapest and easiest marketing tool you can leverage. It can be used for market research, to build relationships with your target demographic, and to promote your products and/or services. Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer a wealth of information about the people who search for products and services like your own. The stage is set for you to introduce them to your brand. Some people now buy directly on social media; for those who don’t buy directly, social media still plays a prominent role in brand and product awareness.

Email Marketing

Marketing to your email list is the most direct and intimate way to offer helpful content to your subscribers. You definitely want to create a special offer to give visitors in exchange for signing up for your list. Then, you can promote products and services to them via email. Most of the content you send out to your list, however, should be helpful information, and not always promotional. Remember to link to your social media accounts, blog, or website in your emails so that your audience can find more information about your business.

Content Marketing

Publishing articles that offer helpful information and advice, or sharing your knowledge in topics related to your expertise can help grow your brand. While there are many offline publishing opportunities, the quickest way to reach a large audience is to publish online (for example, this blog post). You can start your own website or blog if you want to compile all of your content in one place, or find websites or blogsites that publish articles. The point of this strategy is to broaden your content’s reach, thereby grabbing the attention of potential subscribers.

search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Ensure your website is optimized for search to get more leads through the various search engines. Choose strong keywords and use them organically throughout the text of your site. Use a plugin like Yoast to assist you on the backend. Work to make your website as easy as possible to navigate.  Backlinks are also desirable to include, as they help search engines understand what your content topics are related to.

The basic concept behind marketing is rather simple: find your target audience (or help them find you), so you can ultimately present them with your offer. That might not always happen immediately. Sometimes you’ll need to educate and nurture them. Implementing the basic online marketing strategies discussed here afford you multiple avenues for your marketing efforts. Once you’ve mastered these, there are many others for you to explore. But that we’ll save for another day.

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